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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the outside equipment look like?

A. This photo illustrates a light weight aluminum"Yagi" antenna used on the side of your home using a mount. The Voice & Data is then brought into the house through a coax cable which connects to the modem.

Q. What does the inside modem look like?

A. This photo illustrates a cable modem we use for true Broadband Internet and High Fidelity Home phone services.

Q. What is porting and how can I benefit from it?

A. Porting refers to the ability to transfer an existing fixed-line number assigned by a local exchange carrier and reassign it to another carrier. This will allow you to benefit from our great long distance rates and also to remove your existing phone bill from your current telephone provider.

Q. What are the phone features?

A. Below are step-by-step instructions of our phone features that we offer.

Phone options:

♣ To retrieve your phone number *11

♣ To retrieve your long distance balance *12

♣ Set a wake up call *15

♣ Call Forwarding *72780xxxxxxx - Set call forward

*73 - Cancel call forward

*74 - Says number set as call forward

♣ 3-way calling Setting up a 3-Way Call is simple.

1. Dial your first party as you normally would

2. Once connected, press the Flash Button or Switch Hook on your phone and dial the second party.

3. After the second party is connected, press the Flash Button or Switch Hook again, and you're all connected.

♣ Last number that called *69 - Says number of last caller

Accessing your Voicemail:

From a phone attached to your cable modem: Dial *98.

From any phone: Dial 780 706 7550, then dial the extension *98. You will be asked for your "mailbox". Insert your phone number.

The default voicemail password is the last four digits of your phone number. To change your voicemail password, log into your voicemail, then select the following:

¥(0) for 'mailbox options'

¥(5) for 'change your password'. Follow the prompts.

1 Read voicemail messages

3 Advanced options

1 Reply

2 Call back

3 Envelope

4 Outgoing call

4 Play previous message

5 Repeat current message

6 Play next message

7 Delete current message

8 Forward message to another mailbox

9 Save message in a folder

* Help; during msg playback: Rewind

# Exit; during msg playback: Skip forward

2 Change folders

0 Mailbox options

1 Record your unavailable message

2 Record your busy message

3 Record your name

4 Record your temporary message

5 Change your password

* Return to the main menu

* Help

# Exit