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First Broadband Inc employs the latest and most advanced technology to ensure your business is connected with the fastest internet and the clearest phone services possible. We are always looking to help you with cost-effective business solutions, and our phone and internet bundles are the answer. Rather than paying for each individual phone you may have in your office, we have a fixed rate despite the number of phones. Along with multiple phone lines, you are also provided with the fastest internet available. If there are any problems with any of our services, we understand that you would rather talk to a person than a machine, which is why we have real people answering the phone lines 24/7.

We believe that with our reliable services will thrive your business, whether by making it easier for you and your employees to connect with clientele or simply to make everyday tasks less mundane.

Since we at First Broadband Inc feel we are the best choice, we offer businesses free demonstrations for our phone and internet packages so that we can show you how we can serve you better. Along with these free demonstrations, there are no obligations to sign up with us. We believe our products and our customer services speak for themselves.

Whether a corporation seeking a genuinely fast internet connection to be more efficient, or a cafe searching for the best internet for those enjoying a cup of coffee to use, First Broadband Inc should be your first stop.


Small Business $199.00 Per month
Download speeds up to 2.5 MBPS and Upload speeds up to 1.5 MBPS
125 GB Data transfer
1 to 5 Computers


Medium Business $279.00 Per month
Download speeds up to 5 MBPS and Upload speeds up to 2.5 MBPS
250 GB Data transfer
10 EMAIL addresses and 4 STATIC IP ADDRESSES
5 to 10 Computers


Large Size Business $329.00 Per month
Download speeds up to 8 MBPS and Upload speeds up to 4 MBPS
Unlimited Data transfer
15 EMAIL addresses and 6 STATIC IP ADDRESSES
10 to 25 Computers
Enterprise Business Estimate required
Download speeds up to 10 MBPS and Upload speeds up to 5 MBPS
Unlimited Data transfer
20 EMAIL addresses and 6 STATIC IP ADDRESSES
25 Plus (+) Computers Estimate Required


"I don't have to worry anymore if my internet is up and working ..Ijust know that it works all the time"...Connie Merrifield

"Now my customers can check their emails and conduct meetings while enjoying the fastest internet services in town at the pub"...Crown & Anchor Pub (Whitecourt)

"With over three times the download speed, we are able to get our work accomplished faster and more efficiently"...Whitecourt Computer Solutions

"I believe in the service so much..I would refer anyone"..Jack & Moe Brazel




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