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We are always looking for outgoing, talented individuals to join our winning team!

We are currently looking for people who understand the technology and processes to join our outbound team. This position is specifically for our free demos, installations, and those occasional tricky problems that cannot be solved via phone.

If you believe First Broadband Inc is the right place for you, please contact us. Click the link below to upload your resume and we will contact you shortly.




"I don't have to worry anymore if my internet is up and working..I just know that it works all the time"...Connie Merrifield

"Now my customers can check their emails and conduct meetings while enjoying the fastest internet services in town at the pub"...Crown & Anchor Pub (Whitecourt)

"With over three times the download speed, we are able to get our work accomplished faster and more efficiently"...Whitecourt Computer Solutions

"I believe in the service so much..I would refer anyone"..Jack & Moe Brazel